Dear friends , I am sitting in my office with new hope.My school was closed for 11 months due to covid 19. Now the authorities allowed us to start classes in the school,we were conducting classes through online before.Its a new experience with masks,hand sanitizer and thermal gun. As an educator,I feel happy to welcome […]


Now schools are starting here.Std 9th to std.12th already started.Schools are waiting eagerly to open primary classes also.Many parents approached me regarding school re-opening. Covid-19 cases are reducing day by day,so there is no harm in re-opening the schools,but covid protocol to be followed strictly. Private school teachers have lost jobs due to the pandemic.No […]


Dear friends, I couldn’t write anything for last 2 months.But that doesn’t mean that I left wordpress. Here winter started,covid-19 situation is still a threat.But there is a ray of hope as the vaccine is coming soon. Since March 2020,my work place is closed,we always think that it may open soon and we work as […]


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Hi,I am Vinod Sukumaran, an educator,now doing business .Passionate in reading and writing,always eager to learn new things.

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